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    DAMN IT FRANCKOWIAK, either I’m gonna sock you or you’re gonna sock me….Now TAKE MY ADORATION AND SHOVE IT IN YOUR...
  3. lindstifa said: Will you bring him with you tonight?
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    Another spectacular creation from Moxie
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    Can I babysit when you go on vacation?!
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    NO YOU.
  7. laurahartrich said: it’s absolutely wonderful! those colors on that grey! scrumptious.
  8. cateyesbeesknees said: um, can i have it please? PLEASE? LOOK. I SAID PLEASE.
  9. elizabethplaid said: I thought he was wearing a crown at first
  10. motivatedslacker said: That’s adorable! For a second I thought it had a little hat thing, but I think that’s actually something behind him.
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