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    I would “eat both of their donuts” IYKWIM
  3. wordishness said: I could possibly be jealous.
  4. erinmargrethe said: You don’t even rate a proper lardy donut? What a cheapskate.
  5. smartasshat said: Pfff… Call me when he buys you a paleo donut.
  6. halfbakedidea said: Jelly. Both shorthand for how I feel and also how I want a donut right now.
  7. weareallangry said: Can you ask him if there’s an over-the-counter home test I can get to find out conclusively whether or not I’m a jackal? Sometimes I’m not sure.
  8. merlin reblogged this from beefranck and added:
    I just bought beefranck a vegan donut. My life is awesome.
  9. digthecat said: It doesn’t even HAVE a hole.
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