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  1. pablohonie answered: Excuse me while I vomit.
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    Look carefully at the design of the crust on this thing while I remind you that the word “crowning” also refers to a...
  3. monkeyfrog answered: JUST. NO.
  4. redcloud answered: So, you’ve never seen the giant pizza topped with pizzas that are topped with tiny pizzas??? THE SINGULARITY IS ALREADY HERE, MY FRIEND!
  5. frageelay said: Just described this to Dan as a circle of anuses emitting, alternately, gooey cheese or sausage.
  6. alexophile answered:…
  7. pixieorsomething answered: The “crown pizza” they’re selling in the middle east is even more of an abomination: it appears to have nachos on top.
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  9. stuffparty answered: Are we approaching the turbaconducken of pizzas?
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