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  1. runonsentencesaboutemotions said: My name is Twilight and I’m a Dracula.
  2. xostitches answered: I’m nervously waiting for those tendencies to emerge….
  3. naimhejeanne answered: I’m afraid I’d have to disown you altogether
  4. thistumblerhasane said: Your tweets reek of Axe Body Spray.
  5. tochaseortohunt said: One word: boner.
  6. delgrosso said: You are queen of the sparklepony princesses.
  7. shaebay answered: I just looked at your blog and you are definitely a Twilight. They make a cream for it, you just have to ask for it when you go the pharmacy.
  8. raiselm said: Sparkly Bridget is sparkly
  9. robthebank3r said: You do sparkle in the sunlight…
  10. beefranck posted this
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