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    I kid you not, my sophomore year gym teacher was Mr. Trepanier, and a trepanier is a doctor (or “doctor”) that drills...
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    Not a fan of: Explosive Decompression Isometric Vas Deferens Stretch Inverted Fallopian Folds Lateral Anal Prolapse...
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    My least favorites: Grunties Double grunts Double back grunts Grunting Jacks Squarts
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    Also:- Inverted Hot Carls - Seated Ass Forking - Rectal Ralphies - Shaft Twists - Bung Rips
  7. rsmallbone said: I really hate the Butthole Bounces, but my trainer says they work.
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    Ugh. Not as bad as Squats Nostril Flares Pony Punches Scrotum Flaps Reverse Kegels
  9. beefranck said: You are my favorite. :):):)
  10. mathcat345 said: What gym do you attend? I really want to avoid it. How much weight can you press with your testicles now?
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