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  1. sam said: Hey, that was my breakfast!
  2. claviusrobinsky said: How do you think I stay so HAWT!
  3. naimhejeanne said: Nah. I’d have been naked.
  4. tochaseortohunt said: I WISH I DID THAT! But all I have is this hot pocket and my computer desk. I am invalid.
  5. lindstifa said: I ate a bag of M&Ms in my underwear in front of the AC this morning.
  6. goldengraham72 said: No, usually when *I’m* eating something over the sink, in my underwear, it’s some form of cake.
  7. motivatedslacker said: I wish it had been me. I want some pizza.
  8. xntrek said: What, that’s frowned upon now? Was it voted upon? Was there a memo?
  9. dresspants said: And I’d do it again! Correction. I am doing it again.
  10. beefranck posted this
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