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I can’t relax or focus. 

I can’t sleep.

I’m crying. Why? Who knows? Maybe because of the first two things. Let’s go with that.

Sharing this stuff always helps me feel better. It’s kind of like turning the light on and finding out the scary monster is actually a pile of laundry. If that makes any sense. I hope it’s not too annoying. 

Despite all evidence to the contrary I am not a pile of bread dough so DAMMIT SHAMPOO STOP KNEADING ME QUIT IT 

80 notes

  1. fridayfelts said: You are not bread dough, but you are made of awesome.
  2. kinkengineering replied:
  3. braincooksidea said: I so very much feel you. I’m there. In the midst and I don’t mind seeing your posts like this, because it reminds me I’m not alone. CAN WE HUG NOW?
  4. snack-tray said: HUGG never annoying.
  5. elizabethplaid replied:
  6. xostitches said: hoping that by now you are asleep. now it’s my turn to go for it…
  7. tj said: Laundry is very scary!!!
  8. aroseblossoming said: {{hugs}}
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