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  1. mathcat345 answered: Once there was a woman who wanted to rebel. So she ran her dishwasher at 5:45 in the morning, laughing in the face of the association bylaws!
  2. elizabethplaid said: Sorry that link doesn’t work anymore. It was a fairytale generator. I have the tale it generated for me, but it’s too long for the ask box. If you’d like, I can email it.
  3. elizabethplaid answered:…
  4. tj answered: Once upon a time BONERS and they all lived happily ever after. And everything was OK, just like TJ said it would be.
  5. tedfromtheinternet answered: Once upon a time there was a lonely Alaskan boy stuck in his room in an orange spacesuit listening to AC/DC on a weak FM radio…
  6. redcloud answered: Stairs! How do they work? Hates them, we do, Preciousssss.
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