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  1. dubukat said: BEEN THAR DONE THAT
  2. braincooksidea said: I imagine it all started about 39 years and 8 months or so ago…
  3. raiselm said: You’re only young once, but you can be immature forever.
  4. lo-vedove said: there’s no way you’re 39! you look uhmazing!
  5. ruby42 said: 37 in October. HOW? I am convinced I lack the gene for feeling one’s age. I am still 23 I tell you.
  6. smartgrrrl said: Right? Age is so weird.
  7. taff1973 said: I’m the other side of 39 now, it’s okay. * waves from the other side of 39*
  8. thistumblerhasane said: Whippersnapper.
  9. wordishness said: I’m 40 on August 31. I hear you, bud.
  10. joncomas said: That’s impressive. Most people only get to be 39 years old in 39 years.
  11. lnthefade said: I’ll be 50 next month, girl.
  12. felistella said: That’s me in 10 days. I DON’T EVEN.
  13. beefranck posted this
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