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  1. panburger-partner reblogged this from katedanley and added:
    Bridget is spiritually rich. Also, why do People of a Certain Age use quotes like this? My grandma sends birthday cards...
  2. xntrek said: so … you got me a … gift prayer? Is that even a thing? In order of gifts that seem to be the least effort, Gift card > Charity donation “in your name” > A gift prayer … I … nothing. Speechless.
  3. erinmargrethe said: Even a little anthrax in the card would have made that slightly more bearable.
  4. braincooksidea said: I would like to give you chocolate and hugs and butt pinches for your birthday to make up for that.
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  6. katedanley said: How’s that vibrator?
  7. briliantlyfreakish said: Because prayers make everything better!
  8. tj said: Wow… I didn’t think it was possible to give someone a present worse than “I/We donated money to [some cause you probably don’t really care about]” but they managed to find a way.
  9. wishinhopinprayin said: This can’t be serious, right? “Dad & Mom” quotes?!
  10. doorhingeteeth said: Did they keep the reciept?
  11. sblaufuss said: Your mom is fucking weird.
  12. rsmallbone said: Well.
  13. girl-detective said: "ok then"
  14. robthebank3r said: That is the awesomestest birthday gift ever! -Your “brother”
  15. ddubyak said: "This holiday, a donation has been made to the Human Fund in your honor. The Human Fund: Money for people."
  16. jewlesthemagnificent said: ACK. Also why did she put “Mom and Dad” in quotation marks? How did you get so awesome in such an un-awesome setting? You’re a gosh darn miracle BURJIT. A gosh darn miracle.
  17. biscuit-tornado said: You ought to send it back with the quotemarks circled in red Sharpie and in your own writing beneath, “Let’s make these a literal thing instead of a weird typo and just don’t talk to me ever again ever.”
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