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  1. sblaufuss answered: Boners, chinese food, bathroom boogers and the new Youtube video we found at work today!
  2. lnthefade answered: Do you think flared bellbottoms should make a comeback?
  3. xntrek said: Also: time travel. Why is it everyone wants to go *back* to the past? Why does no one want to go to the future?
  4. xntrek answered: Hobbies. The projects they spawned. The new life the spawned hobby project took. The pain, the joy the wondering why, why, why!?
  5. redmenice answered: You can get away with one illegal/horrible act……only one. What is it?
  6. elizabethplaid replied:
  7. elizabethplaid answered: I’m sorry I missed your birthdays, but I will be mailing presents soon-ish. Just got them in the mail today.
  8. pantsfreesia answered: I think you should know that my cat’s breath smells like cat food.
  9. fancycwabs answered: We just got a hardness tester at work, and the temptation to use it on boners is POWERFUL.
  10. gorillasushi said: What if boners could talk?
  11. beautyrealm said: What is your favorite pod casts? I’m talking comedy related. ;) (and other than emergency pants, of course. ) and I love and crave affordable nail polish. I love china glaze and PiXi polishes, as well as a newer brand Venique, wearing “hurray” now!!
  12. tochaseortohunt said: Public Transit woes.
  13. filenotfoundwebsitenotfound answered: Nail polish, how much Iowa really sucks balls and how I may never go there again, what is your favorite brand of toilet paper, nail polish.
  14. yodelmachine answered: Today is my birthday!
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