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I wanted us to move forward, live our lives in joy and make sure the ones we love and keep close are made aware of it. I think it’s what she wanted.

But something came up this morning and it is bothering me. If anyone has already posted something similar, please disregard, as I have not had time to read the dashboard. 

This is at the end of Julie’s obituary:

In lieu of flowers, contributions may be offered to Lancaster Relay For Life -Team Julie B. Good, c/o James Rickards, (address redacted)


Please remember one of Julie’s last blog posts, although edited for detail, these are direct quotes from her in reference to Jim:

“I married a supreme alcoholic…completely disengaged from everything… Thank you for supporting me for Relay for Life. I’ve asked my parents to continue the Julie B Good team forever so look it up next year if you feel like it.” 

So, that being said, please remember that, if anything, it’s important to honor our friend’s actual wishes.

As she said, we can look up team Julie B Good and have her parents continue her legacy. I’m not mailing a check made out to someone she did not trust to do this for her.

Please reblog.

Very important.

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    Great point. I was thinking this too.
  2. sistacrumpet said: I think you are edging into stuff that does not concern you. Unless she spoke with you directly, I don’t think you should broadcast such a message with such a wide net.
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    Let’s not be an enabler, MMM’kay?
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