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I need your opinion. 


I’m getting Fiestaware dishes and I always thought it would be neat to have 8 different place settings in 8 different colors (like, since I was a KID), but now that I’m about to ACTUALLY GET IT I’m starting to worry that it would just be ugly and tacky. :-/ 

I want to get the dark blue, the lighter blue next to it, purple, red, orange and the lighter orange next to it, yellow and green. 

Whaddya think? Awful or ok?

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  1. themusepaper reblogged this from beefranck and added:
  2. texascooking answered: Buy some of your selected colors now, and more later. Fiesta is fun to not only serve food on, but to also collect.
  3. azzura47 answered: they are RADIOACTIVE!
  4. wishinhopinprayin answered: I HAVE ALLLLLLL THE COLORS! ANd I LOVE THEM! There’s pink now, too. It’s called Flamingo. I say DO IT! But, you’ll never stop at 8 plates!
  5. aspiringpolymath answered: RAINBOW
  6. myfingerguns said: I have mix and matched Fiesta Ware. Mix them! Mix them allllllllllll!
  7. felistella answered: I think it would make you happy to see a rainbow in your cupboard every day, and on your table when you have company. .
  8. reagank said: I think that sounds great. It will be festive and cheerful, and I don’t think it will be tacky at all.
  9. spacecowboywhit answered: Erin (Yellowhat) and I are working on a fiestaware collection with many of the colors. Don’t worry, it all matches pretty well!
  10. prawnsofthetiger answered: Dude, just get them. I do not think you will regret it. Fiestaware was meant to be mixed and matched!
  11. redmenice answered: Why would/should you get boring ‘matched’ plateware?
  12. tiffanyb answered: AWESOME.
  13. lo-vedove answered: i think it will be really awesome!
  14. escapereality said: Fun. Go for it!
  15. hardlikealgebra answered: Awesome.
  16. jamiek answered: I think that sounds delightful
  17. saltandcaramel said: If rainbow dishes will make you happy then I say go for it. If people don’t like them then they don’t have to eat at your table.
  18. smartgrrrl answered: Yes. YESSSSSSS. I love love love love LOVE the idea of mixing and matching all those colors.
  19. mathcat345 answered: Would it make you smile and giggle each time you ate from it or served friends from it? Get it. Would it make you weep when you saw it? Don’t
  20. saidme answered: I have a set of green, yellow, red, blue and orange. I looooove to mix them.
  22. tj answered: I would like it.
  23. themoreridiculousthebetter answered: If I had the money, I’d do it in a heartbeat. I have a pitcher in the lighter turquoise and I *heart* it. Do what makes you happy. :)
  24. braincooksidea said: I call blue!
  25. ashamedtosay said: Um….we might have dark blue, green, red, yellow and orange fiestaware.
  26. jewlesthemagnificent answered: I’d say go for it! Maybe not the orange, just because I hate orange, but worse case scenario you can always return them!
  27. unclelouieintheworld said: Also, I call the purple place setting for when I’m over!
  28. tam4ra answered: Love the idea & would be SO JEALZ of you…
  29. panburger-partner answered: BUY ALL OF THEM
  30. kimalah said: Why do we pay taxes and go to work even when it is sunny out if we can’t get multicolored place settings? I’ve always wanted to do this too. Do it!
  31. milkglassmao answered: Beautiful!! My mom’s pride and joy are her assortment of fiestaware dishes. Sans her daughters of course (maybe).
  32. forestine answered: It will be great! And you get to pick whatever colours you want, which is exciting.
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