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    I need to get both of these tattoos.
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    I’m gonna get “HUG LIFE” in big bubbly pink letters!
  5. filenotfoundwebsitenotfound said: I approve of any of these. Or all of them.
  6. mathcat345 said: I can see the difficulty in the choice. GET THEM ALL AND HAVE THEM IN COMIC SANS!
  7. rsmallbone said: LIT OR GTFO
  8. kratlee said: cardigan lyfe.
  9. welllightedplace said: Cardigan lyfe
  10. lisarahmat said: "HARAM INFIDEL"
  11. thistumblerhasane said: Yesterday I saw a growned women with “Morrisey” and “Ian Curtis 1956-1980” on her shoulder and I thought OMG look at you! If you have to get one get something Dr. Who related.
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