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  1. tj said: Hi!
  2. smartgrrrl said: KITCHEN YARN! Why didn’t I think of that? I love those towels too.
  3. ladypurl said: Why don’t I have a basket of yarn in my kitchen! D: SO CUTE!
  4. kellydeal said: cuuuute
  5. 120pagemonster said: So awesome. Way to go, ladypants.
  6. felistella said: HI BURJIT!!!
  7. runonsentencesaboutemotions said: HI!!!!!!
  8. prawnsofthetiger said: Those floors are super! So proud of you!
  9. gatsbylives said: THOSE ARE GREAT TOWELS. Also, I am watching “Harvey” right now for the first time ever & thinking of you. ;) xoxo
  10. cirquedurartastic said: you gonna cook those yarn balls? Also, CONGRATULATIONS ON THE NEW PLACE! I THINK WE HAVE THE SAME CABINETS!
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