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Dr. Phil is on in the dealership waiting room.


But he has a kid on the show, and I heard him say, “You have to remember that it’s not your fault.” And I looked up to see her immediately start to tear up. And then *I* teared up because I knew exactly why she was tearing up.

Because we’re thinking, “Yes it is. It’s all my fault. I deserve it because I’m bad. You just haven’t figured it out yet. I’m terrified that you will figure it out, so whenever you talk about how it’s not my fault, it breaks my heart. Because I don’t deserve to be here. I don’t deserve to be happy.”

I hate that that’s a thing. I hope someday it isn’t anymore.

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  1. erinmargrethe said: I spent yesterday morning crying at the shrink about childhood shit. So I rewarded myself with doing yoga In silk hammock in the evening. My Mondays are starting to balance out.
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  3. elizabethplaid said: Thanks for reminding me of fodder for counseling sessions. This statement may or may not be sarcastic. It could be both. I’m on my period, so let’s just say it’s both. And I swear my sniffles are from post-nasal drip… just allergies… yah. Fudge
  4. tochaseortohunt said: I wish I had more to say than “it does because I was there & now I’m not.” What I can say is crying is amazing & raw. It takes a lot of strength to be honest. We are the types to believe our honesty isn’t important. It is. Oh & I love you.
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