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My work spouse is in a bad situation right now

that’s not all that different from a situation I have been in. We went for a walk so she could talk about it. We ended up walking in circles (well, technically squares) for an hour as she talked, and then cried. And then *I* cried. I’m sure we upset a LOT of Actuaries. I think it helped but we’re getting manipedis after work to give her more time to talk about it.

I get so frustrated when I hear about someone going through the same struggles that I’ve gone through. At one point I told her, “You’re too special for that.” She agreed, but I don’t think she believed it. Because I didn’t believe it the first time someone told me that, either.

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  2. briliantlyfreakish said: You can’t fix people, but you did the best thing you can do, you listened.
  3. wifeoftj said: So glad you can help her
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