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  1. tj said: a) We won’t… as if we could! but b) if you want an idea… I think you should cross-stitch something that says SEW ANGRY and either a picture of a sewing machine or angry emoticon or (for maximum irony) a spinning wheel.
  2. tochaseortohunt said: Just keep posting pcitures of robots and coffee. How could we ever forget you?
  3. katedanley said: I feel the same way when I’m not writing something or acting in something. Let’s hang out in The Nursing Home for the Forgotten together!
  4. goestoeleven said: Not a chance. If nothing else, every time *I* stitch something I think of you and how much you inspired me to get into this. So there’s that, at least.
  5. lindstifa said: I went to Michael’s today because the bus was late. I finally got a frame for goddammit and a new color for my phone. YAY!
  6. elizabethplaid said: *hug* i can provide worse ideas to worry about, or i could try to one-up you, but i know that won’t help. i think about you all the time, especially when i see monsters and robots. and your nerd posse here loves you.
  7. sblaufuss said: No one will *ever* forget about you.
  8. cirquedurartastic said: I think the only thing that would make me forget you would be a traumatic brain injury.
  9. pantsfreesia said: "Beep boop, motherfucker"
  10. ungracefulme said: Unpossible
  11. mathcat345 said: You are UNFORGETTABLE! No need to stitch weird things onto fabric. You are stitched in our memories. It was painful, but it was worth it.
  12. delgrosso said: You should stitch “DON’T YOU FORGET ABOUT ME” along with a Ducky.
  13. filenotfoundwebsitenotfound said: I will never forget you. And don’t you forget it. Or something.
  14. cubbyzissou said: You’re cool forever.
  15. beefranck posted this
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