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I don’t have a TV yet and I’m not in a hurry to get one.

I haven’t watched anything since I moved in except for a few minutes of Adventure Time. I’ve rented Cabaret on Amazon and I have big plans for that this weekend, but I honestly don’t miss having a TV. I’ve missed three episodes of Doctor Who, which I love tenderly and deeply, but I know I can watch it whenever I feel like it and I just haven’t felt like it. 

Maybe I’ll get one eventually, but this is just fair warning to any potential visitors. If you hang out at my place, we might have to… have a conversation.


49 notes

  1. elizabethplaid answered: Considering I don’t have a smartphone with which to fiddle, I am semi-prepared for conversation.
  2. sblaufuss answered: What the fuck am I supposed to stare at when I come over?
  3. vsc answered: I haven’t had a TV since I moved out 5 months ago, and I don’t miss it at all.
  4. snack-tray answered: welcome to the revolution!
  5. tj answered: Sorry to have to cancel our plans to visit.
  6. claviusrobinsky answered: SHUT. UP. What is this talking voodoo of which you write. Stupid voices and tongues and lips. (saying it like that makes it sound naughty).
  7. redcloud answered: I’d like to be more positive and have a proversation.
  8. braincooksidea said: I would like to converse the hell out of you.
  9. ddubyak said: I know what you mean. The thing that made us finally get rid of cable was looking at the massive amount of shows on the DVR and not even wanting to watch them.
  10. beefranck posted this
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