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Remember that time back in 2010 when Jamie came to visit the US and a whole bunch of awesome stitchy people got together in Chicago and then there was this video of it that I never shared because I’m in it but now I’m all like, whatevs, like it matters?

If you look closely you can see Adam and Emily Moe of MoeSewCo, gigglymama, giddygirlie, vegkat, mrxstitch, Joe and Kelly Degand, and the only other person in the world who has stitched a Merlin Mann quote, benjibot. Oh, and that weirdo beefranck.


Watched this and from the other room my boyfriend yells, “Is that the girl from Emergency Pants” upon hearing Bridget’s laugh. My boyfriend, who doesn’t listen to the podcast only hears me listening to it occasionally from the other room. That laugh is famous. ^_^

This pleases me! ^____^

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