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  1. runonsentencesaboutemotions said: "The Boner War: A Documentary by Ken Burns"
  2. cattyfantastic said: The Gilmore Boners; Superboner or Bonernatural; The Midboner Murders; The Thornboners
  3. shaebay said: Once Upon a Boner
  4. treehat said: Whose Boner Is It Anyway?, Mock the Boner, 8 Out Of 10 Boners, Never Mind The Bonercocks, Mythboners
  5. painedbrain said: That great mini-series: Lonesome Boner
  6. fancycwabs said: I once won the “…in my pants” song game by mentioning a tune from “The Music Man.”
  7. filenotfoundwebsitenotfound said: Good god I should have read your list more carefully. I’m an idiot.
  8. skurveydawg said: Arrested Bonervelopment. Boner & Grace. Boner’s Anatomy. Boner, She Wrote.
  9. smartasshat reblogged this from beefranck and added:
    Boners (So close already, from Bones) Barnaby Boner The Rockford Boners The Mary Boner Moore Show All in the Boner The...
  10. dorkitude said: PBS Edition: This Old Boner, Boner Roadshow, Boners Can Cook, Boner Theater, and of course… Wishbone.
  11. milkglassmao said: Mr. Boner
  12. claviusrobinsky said: Small Boner, Silver Boner, The Fresh Boner of Bel Air, All in the Boner, The Greatest American Super Boner, The Dukes of Boner, The Boner Team, DeGrassi Boner, The Boner Years, Get a Boner, Boner Lewis Can’t Lose, 21 Boner Street
  13. jimmymarks said: Boner Meets World Boner: Texas Boner Tim and Eric, Awesome Boner, Great Boner! Squidboners The Boner Girls Boners and Recreation
  14. tochaseortohunt said: Adventure Boner! Boner Time!
  15. toolatelurker said: I should have gone for Boner Abbey instead.
  16. delgrosso said: Two Guys, a Girl, and a Pizza Boner.
  17. angryoldcoot said: Harry Potter and the Goblet of Boners
  18. fuiru said: American Horror Boner
  19. xntrek said: The Big Boner Theory; Sixty Boners: Current Affairs; CSI: Boners; American Boners; Pimp my Boner; The Twilight Boners;
  20. kimalah said: How I Met Your Boner, Modern Boner, Boner of Interest
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