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  1. elizabethplaid said: i hope someone accidentally googles “futa” instead of fupa. because some vain lady should be horrified by anime dick-girls and then realize her fupa is more practical than a monster cock. (i’ve been on the internet too long, sorry)
  2. karsonk replied:
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    When to broach the subject of your enormous FUPA during the sweet frenzy of a new relationship, p.17.
  4. velvet-sinz said: Had to look it up. They have a word for that now? Great. Like I need another part of my body to be paranoid about. Fuck you, Cosmo.
  5. cattyfantastic said: What the hell is a FUPA
  6. aloudbirdy said: I had to look that up. I’m so out of the loop.
  7. rsmallbone said: Jesus.
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    Nothing compared to MLA. Mouth Like Anus.
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