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will-venture asked:

Have you ever tried embroidering/cross stitching leather?

I haven’t, but I know of at least a couple people who have embroidered on leather - Smallest Forest and Sewzinski

Cross stitching is typically done on even weave cloth so the stitches will be uniform. It’s laid out like a grid. Sometimes people prepare stuff to be cross stitched on by creating a grid in material that doesn’t typically have one - paper, wood, bricks, metal, even a motherfucking car.

I did a quick search and found an esty shop that sells leather, wood and acrylic cross stitch kits.

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  1. hugsarereallyfun said: I bought and cross stitched one of those pendants last year. I love how it turned out. I’ve been meaning to buy more.
  2. ruby42 said: OMG! I just love that etsy site!!!! Thank you!
  3. milkglassmao said: Ooohhhh!!
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