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iterativeimprovement asked:

Sup, B? So, don't hate me for asking a professional question? But I wanted to inquire about the WORLD OF RECRUITING (because I think that's a thing you do, right?) and how one can determine whether this random lady on LinkedIn sending me messages is legit or not. Anyway, if professional questions are unwelcome, let me know and I'll lay off! (... uh. Not ... get laid off. That would suck.)


I don’t mind professional questions at all, I am always glad to help. 

A lot of recruiters (corporate and search firm) use LinkedIn to source candidates. You can buy a recruiter account there that allows you to send targeted communications to people either because of their specific qualifications, or because they belong to a certain group, or have a certification that you need, or whatever. So sometimes messages can seem like a form letter but still be legit. You can send personal messages too, if you find someone who looks like a great fit. 

I’d say treat it like an email. Follow your gut. If you don’t feel comfortable with the situation, ignore it or respond with questions. Legitimate recruiters will answer you, the others probably won’t.

Also, watch out for unwanted representation. Say they want a copy of your resume but they haven’t told you the name of the company yet, and just given you a general idea of the job. Probably a search firm. Sometimes they will try to generate business by calling into a company and saying “Hey, I have the perfect person for xyz position! Interested?” and then present your resume. From that point on, even though you never agreed to it, they own your submission to that company. Sure, you are being considered for a position you might be interested in, but now you have a price tag attached to you, which makes you less desirable than other candidates with the same qualifications. And if you are actively job seeking, you probably would have found that job on your own within a day or two of the search firm asking for your resume. 

I hope this helps! If you have a question that is more specific, ask and I’ll answer. :)

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  1. iterativeimprovement said: Awesome, thanks for the feedback. Couldn’t hurt to at least say hello to this lady and see what she has going on. Maybe it’s something good, or maybe she saw “storage” in my profile and decided I work with those little garages you rent for $80/month.
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