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  1. lnthefade said: Look into Abilify. Shuts my noise off AND makes me productive.
  2. erinmargrethe said: Xanax does this for me, but I’ve got to get the dosage just right. Usually .25mg does the trick. Haven’t needed it for a while, though! Go, me!
  3. briliantlyfreakish said: At least you CAN shut off the negative chatter. And hopefully you will find something that doesn’t knock you out.
  4. dextercolt said: Slo-mo taking pants off…
  5. killaguhrilla said: Buspirone. Talk to your doc about it. It’s non-addictive. It works. It’s not a benzo.
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    This is one of two, possibly three reasons why I eagerly await being a person with health insurance again.
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