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  1. emmyinabox said: Since you put YOUR FACE out there for discussion, let me give you my unasked-for-opinion that it’s pretty neat.
  2. hellopoodle said: You put it out there for discussion. Because of my profession, I’ve seen what declawing does to cats psychologically. Declawing and docking tails and ears is banned in many countries. Your cat deserved better.
  3. tochaseortohunt said: En francaise! NON!
  4. hairlikethat reblogged this from beefranck and added:
    OMG you rather this person re-home than to declaw? I don’t like declawing either but I like it better than having a...
  5. mabith said: Wow, why are people getting so in your business even after you posted that explanation (though they shouldn’t have pestered you before that either)? Folks are damned poke-nosed.
  6. elizabethplaid said: i don’t think you’d give up kiki for all the burritos in the world
  7. scholvin said: Man, people be nervy. Your cat, your decision!
  8. redmenice said: Re-homing is no guarantee the next owner would not declaw anyway…..screw that.
  9. jezebelthegreat said: Both our cats were declawed. Violet has NEVER tried to bite me. Max has, but that’s only because he’s Satan.
  10. ddubyak said: How rude.
  11. doorhingeteeth said: Excuse?
  12. beefranck posted this
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