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This is funny: a student of mine, knowing I’m a Star Wars kind of guy, sent this image to me today.

I laughed. I’m the person who wrote this originally.

It was at least four years ago, and I put it on Tumblr before I deleted my original blog and restarted this one. Apparently, “Be Like Han” is all over the place now.

I guess I’ve made my mark on the world, such as it is.


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    I remember this, and I love it.
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    Love it.(Yet another reason why Han wouldn’t have waited for Greedo to shoot first, but we’re all agreed that Lucas is...
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  10. penllawen said: I’ve never noticed this before, but off in the lower right corner is a… thing? Collection of things? Perhaps the least practical end table ever created?
  11. atsween said: Awesome.
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