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  1. groverviolet said: Talk about butts!
  2. garbagefingers said: THANKSGIVING
  3. raiselm said: You should talk about me. No, wait a minute… that’s not right. FORGET I SAID ANYTHING, OK?
  4. braincooksidea answered: My feet hurt.
  5. elizabethplaid replied:
  6. jezebelthegreat said: CHSH! Also, reasons why people who say “Cheer up, it’s spring!” should be hit in the face.
  7. pantsfreesia answered: How is the no-poo thing going
  8. ddubyak said: I think you should talk about the disgusting ways people behave in public bathrooms. I consider myself an expert on the subject, and would love to hear some thoughtful, provocative discussion on the topic. Plus, farts are funny.
  9. elizabethplaid answered: Podcast recommendations? And poop stories. I always love poop and fart stories. Also, should there be a best of EP episode, with a montage?
  10. smartasshat answered: Maybe it should be “PantieHeads”. Talk about macaroni and cheese? Notes on assholishly-parked cars? How adorable is Nathan Fillion? (From GF)
  11. dresspants said: Lacrosse. Or burping the alphabet.
  12. luanneclatterbuck said: Did you ever talk to your old hairdresser about the hair color? How did it go? I hope I’m not opening any fresh wounds or anything, but I’m genuinely curious. Situations like that terrify me and I always wonder how other people handle them.
  13. monkeyfrog answered: How to know if you’re horrible.
  14. noelanthony said: Why is this wet?
  15. beefranck posted this
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