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  1. braincooksidea answered: Can I still put a question here?
  2. xntrek answered: gotya hurrs durrs?
  3. seltzerlizard answered: favorite fruit? least favorite book?
  4. claviusrobinsky said: Getting your wang doodle caught in a flibberty gibbet.
  5. smartasshat answered: Previously on…
  6. jdujda said: Original Booper- Mr. Miagi
  7. garbagefingers answered: What is that Saga thing you are reading?
  8. killaguhrilla said: I still really need to know your opinions on cheese. This may indicate that i have, as yet, been unable listen to last week’s episode.
  9. northside-pie answered: hair color and cake
  10. raiselm said: Three words for your favorite image search engine: seat belt pillows.
  11. runonsentencesaboutemotions answered: The Thing! THE THING!!!
  12. monkeyfrog answered: Men named/nicknamed Chip. Why?
  13. tbridge answered: Stick-wielding midgets.
  14. iterativeimprovement said: Porno bloopers.
  15. lindstifa answered: CHEESE
  16. beefranck posted this
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