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  1. panburger-partner reblogged this from beefranck and added:
    I APPROVE. And copy. This is my #1 favorite outfit type: comfy, comfy, comfy And you’re so stinkin’ cute!
  2. luanneclatterbuck said: So CUUUUUUUUTE.
  3. braincooksidea said: Where did you get the leggings, love that color!
  4. tiffanyb said: I pretty much DO wear different color combinations of that outfit every day. I recommend it as a life choice.
  5. rainyrainyrainyrainy said: You look so cute!
  6. groverviolet said: You have essentially defined my wardrobe. I found pants and shirts I like and bought a bunch of different colors. Then I mix and match the shit outta them. COMFORT!
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