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Trying to talk to somebody out of the stuff that they enjoy in life is like trying to talk them out of their faith or their sexuality. Like, it’s a pointless exercise that can never be anything but acrimonious and will only highlight unnecessary amounts of difference about things that ultimately don’t really matter. Buy the steak you like. Worship the god you love. Neck with the people that you treasure.
Merlin Mann, Back to Work Ep. 91 “Compiling Stallman From Source” (via badgopher)


I was texting with Bridget today talking through the process of cleaning out my office. I had an old shoebox that kept many of my old official records. I have moved this box at least 4 times. It was mostly my statements for my car and 10 year old (!) cell phone bills. I think I kept them because I was afraid I would have to prove that I paid them. We were poor-ish growing up and the though of having to pay the same bill more than once terrified me. Shredding them was lifting a weight off of me. Mostly because I’ve wanted to go through the box and see what I need (zero things, as it happen) and because I’ve been putting off shredding it for years.

Thanks, Merlin, for once again giving me what I needed before I needed it.

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