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abattoir (noun) - a slaughterhouse.

Abattoir | Define Abattoir at

I kept hearing this word used in Roderick on the Line, but I was unsure of the meaning and if it was a real word. I mean, they throw it around constantly, and god knows my dad and I use made-up words for fun. Nope, it’s a real word. [cue “The More You Know” theme music]

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A few years ago I emailed Merlin about being part of a promotion for kinkengineering, because I became friends with Matt there through podcasts. He responded in encouragement that I’d “get more bone than a pit bull in an abattoir.”

I had to look it up, too.

Trying to talk to somebody out of the stuff that they enjoy in life is like trying to talk them out of their faith or their sexuality. Like, it’s a pointless exercise that can never be anything but acrimonious and will only highlight unnecessary amounts of difference about things that ultimately don’t really matter. Buy the steak you like. Worship the god you love. Neck with the people that you treasure.
Merlin Mann, Back to Work Ep. 91 “Compiling Stallman From Source” (via badgopher)
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