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Dowd: You’ve heard the expression, “His face would stop a clock.” Well, Harvey can look at your clock… and stop it. And you can go anywhere you like with anyone you like… and stay as long as you like. And when you get back, not one minute will have ticked by.

Dr. Chumley: You mean that he…

Dowd: You see… He can… Science has overcome time and space. Well, Harvey has overcome not only time and space, but any objections.

Dr. Chumley: Flyspecks! Flyspecks! I’ve been spending my life among flyspecks… while miracles have been leaning on lampposts at 4th and Fairfax. Tell me, Mr. Dowd, will he do this for you?
Dowd: Oh, he’d be willing at any time. But so far I haven’t been able to think of anyplace I’d rather be. I always have a wonderful time wherever I am, whomever I’m with. I’m having a fine time right here with you, Doctor.

Dr. Chumely: Oh. Oh, l… I know where I’d go.
Dowd: Where?

Dr. Chumley: I’d go to Akron. Akron! Oh, yes. There’s a cottage camp just outside Akron… in a grove of maple trees. Green, cool, beautiful. That’s my favorite tree. And I’d go there with a pretty woman. Oh. A strange woman, a quiet woman. Oh, under a tree. I wouldn’t even want to know her name, while I would be just… Mr. Smith. Then I would send out for cold beer.

Dowd: No whiskey, huh?

Dr. Chumley: No. Then I would tell her things. Things that I’ve never told to anyone. Things that are locked deep… in here. And as I talked to her, I would want her to hold out her soft white hand and say, ”Poor thing. You poor, poor thing.”
Dowd: How long would you want this to go on, Doctor?   
Dr. Chumley: Two weeks.

Dowd: Two weeks? Wouldn’t that get a little monotonous, just Akron, cold beer and “poor, poor thing” for two weeks?
Dr. Chumley: No! It would be wonderful.
Dowd: Well, I can’t help feeling, Doctor, that you’re making a mistake not allowing the woman to talk. If she’d been around at all, she might’ve picked up some interesting news items. And I’m sure you’re making a mistake about all that beer and no whiskey, but it’s your two weeks.

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