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Last year on my birthday, I went out to lunch by myself. I had a notebook and a pen with me, and I was making a list of what I would need to buy when I moved out in September. Couch. Bed. Bookcases. Dishes. Pots. Pans. Silverware. Oh, and cleaning stuff too… laundry detergent. Dish soap. A vacuum. Sheets. Pillows. Lamps. Jesus, it was daunting. I felt overwhelmed, scared, and alone.

At that moment I got a text from Merlin, saying hey, was it really my birthday? Happy birthday! I should treat myself and go buy a new sewing machine. You know, since I was a seamstress and all. Later, TJ texted me to let me know that Amazon had a special deal on Singers that day and I should really jump on that.

So when Merlin refers to me as “My friend Bridget the Seamstress”, it reminds me of that moment, and it makes me smile.



Paging Dr. Blorp! (by Elizabeth Plaid)

2013 birthday gift for Bridget. She is part of the duo that does the Emergency Pants podcast, of which I am a big fan.

I accidentally mailed it to the wrong postal address, so Bridget doesn’t have it in-hand yet. She said I could post my photo, though.

close-up of the signature
WIP of the companion piece for Shane

This pleases me! :) Thanks, sugar muffin. :) 

(In case you are interested, this is the origin of Blorp.)

Seamstress Elbow

  • Physical Therapist:

    So you do a lot on the computer, anything else that aggravates it?

  • Me:

    I cross stitch, and after I've been stitching for a little while it hurts.

  • PT:

    Stitching? Like with a sewing machine?

  • Me:

    No, by hand, with a needle and thread. *makes stitching motion*

  • PT:

    Oh! Sewing!

  • Me:

    *narrows eyes* You aren't friends with Merlin, are you?

  • PT:


  • Me:


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