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amateurpolymath asked:

What's your favorite podcast (besides Emergency Pants!)?

Roderick on the Line. It’s funny and smart and consistently good.

I love listening to people tell stories about their lives. And more than that, I love hearing people talk about how they choose to live their lives, why they made that choice, and all of the different ways it has changed throughout their life - that is the best way I can think to describe some of the more involved conversations they have on the podcast.

Also, hearing John Roderick talk about depression was an amazing experience for me. It reminded me that it really is a Thing that exists and that it can affect anyone.

Along the same lines, RotL was one of the few things I could stand to listen to when I was dealing with the worst boughts of depression. It was the only thing that kept me from staring blankly at the wall for hours until it was time to go to sleep again. For that reason alone it will always have a special place in my heart. 


OWL PILLOW! Inspired by the Roderick on the Line episode in which John Roderick tells us about his pillows turning into owls. Bridget’s cross stitch (inspired by the same episode) caught my attention first, so she’s the bigger inspiration to me.

Made by me, using bits of patterns here and there. I used the crocodile stitch motif to make the “feathers” and Purl Bee’s giant owl pattern for making the eyes (basically crocheted circles) and ears.

Bonus: Owl Pillows was created the day before I finished embroidering my owl’s beak.
PS: I apologize if it looks like Totoro. The ears seem to have made it less owl-y, and the embroidered beak resembles a big nose.

This is awesome. Just like you. <3


My awesome friend Alice gave me a ticket to see this upcoming show featuring John Roderick, John Hodgman, Jonathan Coulton, Merlin Mann, and Scott Simpson.

I drew John Hodgman in Edward Gorey style some days ago, because he’d responded to someone’s tweet with a desire to be drawn as such. Since Gorey is no longer, I gave it a shot.

I sort of suddenly wanted to draw everyone in the upcoming show in the same style for kicks, and to challenge myself a little. You can see a couple of teeny in-progress teaser bits, then the full art.


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    Ep. 46 Trailer: “Esquivalience”

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    Roderick on the Line

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    Roderick on the Line


Roderick on the Line, Ep. 46 Trailer: “Esquivalience”

Our new episode of Roderick on the Line goes live tomorrow morning.

In advance of same, here’s a quick trailer to help you prepare—both for the episode itself, and, more importantly, we want to help you begin to absorb John’s indispensable advice for (maybe, maybe) earning a seat on Super Train.

You just better hope to Christ you bring everything you’ll need.

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Fact: This is a pretty fucking awesome episode.

Turns out. 

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