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abattoir (noun) - a slaughterhouse.

Abattoir | Define Abattoir at

I kept hearing this word used in Roderick on the Line, but I was unsure of the meaning and if it was a real word. I mean, they throw it around constantly, and god knows my dad and I use made-up words for fun. Nope, it’s a real word. [cue “The More You Know” theme music]

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A few years ago I emailed Merlin about being part of a promotion for kinkengineering, because I became friends with Matt there through podcasts. He responded in encouragement that I’d “get more bone than a pit bull in an abattoir.”

I had to look it up, too.

beefranck asked:

Tell me a story.


Once upon a time, a guy named Merlin mentioned his friend “Bridget the Seamstress” on one of his podcasts. In need of some “bespoke, fucked-up clothing” myself, I went looking for her on Tumblr. I found her, and discovered that she was not a seamstress at all, but I wasn’t disappointed. She was funny and nice and pretty neat to talk to, so we became friends. Now we tell each other stupid jokes, and trade pictures of dumb cats, and make fun of each other’s many shortcomings as human beings, and she’s one of my best online friends ever.

The end.

One time, there was these podcasts, and I made a whole bunch of awesome friends because of them. <3

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