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Last year on my birthday, I went out to lunch by myself. I had a notebook and a pen with me, and I was making a list of what I would need to buy when I moved out in September. Couch. Bed. Bookcases. Dishes. Pots. Pans. Silverware. Oh, and cleaning stuff too… laundry detergent. Dish soap. A vacuum. Sheets. Pillows. Lamps. Jesus, it was daunting. I felt overwhelmed, scared, and alone.

At that moment I got a text from Merlin, saying hey, was it really my birthday? Happy birthday! I should treat myself and go buy a new sewing machine. You know, since I was a seamstress and all. Later, TJ texted me to let me know that Amazon had a special deal on Singers that day and I should really jump on that.

So when Merlin refers to me as “My friend Bridget the Seamstress”, it reminds me of that moment, and it makes me smile.


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