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With Apologies To Experimental Jetset

It’s no secret that I am a huge nerd for You Look Nice Today. I made something similar years ago, but I thought of this tonight while having a delightful conversation with the unsinkable Bridget.

When you can start a text message conversation with “Erm…So…” and the other person immediately starts to giggle, that’s a friend for life.

(NOTE: I made this iPad wallpaper sized in case my fellow nerds are so inclined.)


I love this. :)

  • Track Name

    The Humpty Dance

  • Album

    My Mix

  • Artist

    Digital Underground


Digital Underground: The Humpty Dance

3 little facts you should know about this song:

1. This song is a great way to start any saturday.

2. I can no longer hear this song without also hearing Bailey’s tweet.

3. If you aren’t up and dancing by now, pretty sure you have no soul.

I love this song. Ever since the Selfish Express episode of YLNT, though, I expect to hear Scott Simpson reciting a Jewel poem whenever I listen to it.

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